Monday, June 13, 2011

Time Flies...

Are we having fun yet?  Wow.  It’s already June and I have been very busy lately but it seems like I have accomplished nothing.  

Truth is, if we focus on our accomplishments we will see that we do get a lot of things done.

"Positive Reality" vs "Negative Reality".  Those darn lists again...
Positive Reality (the little things do count)
  • all the things I did do today
  • the money I saved today using coupons
  • turn off and unplug machines that I’m not using at this time
  • turn off the lights when sunlight is enough
  • go for a walk to the store
  • creating a few tasty meals to eat at home or take with
  • using my own filtered water from home
Negative Reality (all the don’ts and should-a, could-a, would-a...)
  • all the things I didn’t do today (will always stay on the list)
  • forget to use my coupons at the store
  • leaving the TV on when I’m at the computer all day
  • keeping my printers on when I have nothing to print
  • drive half a block to pick up some milk at the store (just in case I want to spend more money)
  • stopping at (insert favorite fast-food here) for a quick meal
  • buy more bottled water because I’m almost out
Oh multi-millionaire goal is still active.  My Exponential Money Growth chart has been very helpful covering those unexpected expenses like taxes, unscheduled auto repairs, utility bill spikes during those very hot and very cold days when I used the fans or heater.  That’s my positive reality.  What’s yours?
So I keep at it - baby steps, little steps, just keep steppin.