Sunday, April 4, 2010


Wealth is more than just money.  It comes from a multitude of sources that surround you.  Wealth is seeing a beautiful sunset or feeling a warm breeze across your face. 
Wealth is that unconditional Love you receive from a special person in your life.  That person who will always love you no matter where or what situation you are in life.  The unconditional love you receive from your feathered or furry friends that will curl up with you when you are cold or sad.
Wealth is your Family who will celebrate in your happiness and give you a helping hand when you are in need without question or expectations.  Your family will stand beside you and gently guide you when you stray off track.  Your family is related by blood, marriage, adoption or your extended family of friends.  Your support group is your wealth.
Wealth can be the Friends who surround you with laughter and always encourage you to do your best.  They are friends you talk to as if it were yesterday even if you have been apart for several years.  The friends who understand you and will never let someone else make a fool of you.  Friends will motivate you to continue toward your goals.
Wealth is your Happiness, the happiness from the things that inspire and motivate you.  The joy you get from doing the things you love to do, your passion.
Wealth is all around you and within you too.  It is the love that shines from within you and cascades over to everyone around you.
Wealth is the love you have in yourself.  Be a multimillionaire.