Monday, December 28, 2009

Branding – What Is That?

It's YOU – It's what you present to the world to represent who you are.  Branding – it’s not just for large mega companies anymore.  Branding tells a simple story about who you are and what you are about – or a complex story about your philosophy or your mission statement.    It gives you a chance to become memorable and stand out from everyone else.
Who are you and what do you do?  How many time have you been asked that question and better yet, do you have an answer?  Your 5-10 second commercial is part of your brand.  Something you can tell a person about what you do if asked in an elevator.  “I’m a graphic designer and I specialize in…” or “I’m a construction worker and I’m really excited about LEED certified building.”  You should be able to express who you are or your service is or what excites you in 15 words or less.  You only have a short amount of time to capture your audience.  If you are looking for employment you have is even less time.
The same principal applies to how you look on paper.  What makes your document stand out from all the rest?  There are millions of correspondence that slow around the business would.  What if (and I know some of you are going to try this) every single document you sent out had a dot in the upper right corner?  What if that dot were red?  What if you had a slogan after the red dot?  Do you think every time they saw a red dot they would think of you?  Of course they won’t remember who you are but they will remember the red dot and think about where they saw that red dot and will look for that red dot among the sea of white paper on their desk because they liked what you had to said.  That’s a form of branding.
So get your dots out and brand yourself.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holiday from GAgrafx

2009 is coming to an end
Reflect on past events lightly 
Direct your energy to the coming years ahead
It’s a new beginning.

"Live Long and Prosper"

Happy Holidays 
from the rest of us Trekkies!

Quote from Mr. Spock on the star ship Enterprise - Star Trek