Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stay Cool

Mercury goes Retrograde from September 15th to September 23rd.

What does this mean? To an astrologer it means a whole lot of things. To me it means Murphy’s Law – “If something can go wrong, it will”. Business contacts are lost, miss-communications, mechanical breakdowns, computers develop a life of their own, printers stop printing for no reason, electronics decide they want to play somewhere else, late or missed appointments, lost keys, etc. Not the best time to sign a new contract.

What do you do? Step back and asses your situation. Leave 30 to 45 minutes early for your appointments. Check your oil and tire pressure next time you fill up at the gas tank. Reschedule any commitments or appointments that could possible overlap. Stay in touch with your business contacts using a verity of social networking media. Keep a spare key close and in the same safe location.

Where do you go from here? Turn things around. This is a great time to reflect – clean house, revamp, redo, reorganize; listen to everything instead of reacting quickly. Review your contact list and make sure you have current contact information. Update your resume weather you are working or not. Step away from the computer – it’s just a machine with hic-ups – turn it off and they will soon go away. Reread your documents two or three times before you send them out –this includes emails – Spell Check does not always catch the errors. Now is a good time to do those things you wanted to ‘get around to it’ someday.

Keep a positive attitude, commune with nature. Smell all those flowers…stay cool.