Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Basics

Sometimes the unthinkable can happen…we rely on technology so much that we forget how to use our basic skills – something as basic as a pencil or pen.

Due to circumstances out of my control (as they always are) I find myself without a working computer to procrastinate away the hours, no connection to the internet to surf unrelated topics, no cable to watch my favorite shows and annoying static on my favorite radio station. Moving is easy – the hard part is finding all the bits and pieces that connect to my techno life.

Penmanship / calligraphy / cursive writing are becoming a lost art. The more I rely on a computer the sloppier my handwriting and spelling become. My hands have forgotten how to fluidly draw because I intuitively draw with my whole body using all my senses.

But I’ve been using a computer for so long that I’ve forgotten what a curved line feels like in my hands. When I use my hands my mind, sight and touch focuses on the project at hand and my body generates creative energy towards that project. I give life to that project and the computer helps smooth and sharpen the finished project. Well, sometimes that little jagged edge is OK.

So give life to your next project. Try storyboarding or sketch out your next idea on paper. Handwrite a letter to a friend – it’s a lot more personal than an email and will mean a lot more to the person receiving the letter. Pick up a pen/pencil, dust it off and start creating – curves are sexy.